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Our company Sinoruss is a partner in the Business Environment.

The director of our company, Surana Radnaeva, has acted since May 28 as a key speaker at a webinar from Sberbank in conjunction with BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT.

Any economic crisis is a lever for those who are still waiting for something. All markets around are reformatted at an accelerated pace. The changes that have taken place over 5 years will now take six months to recuperate the loss.

Within this webinar, Surana expressed action on how put these products on the Chinese market.

 The following topics were also considered:

  1. The Golden Shield in China
  2. Description of the leaders of the Chinese Internet BAT (Baidu, alibaba, tencent)
  3. Chinese cross-border trade
  4. Tmall Global and tmall.com - differences
  5. JD Worldwide Site Review
  6. kaola.com site review
  7. Epinduo, DAKAITAOWA and the national store of Russian goods
  8. WeChat stores and Wechat Pay
  9. Alibaba.com site review
  10. AliExpress.ru site review
  11. Social networks in China and live streams for online sales in China.

We continue to acquaint Russian entrepreneurs with the opportunity to enter the Chinese market.


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