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Accounting Service

Accounting outsourcing

Leaders of companies and individual entrepreneurs have to solve many complex problems, and often they do not relate to the development of their own business. One of these tasks is accounting and reporting. And if large enterprises can afford a whole staff of specialists in the field of accounting, then small and medium businesses do not have this opportunity. The optimal solution for such a business is accounting outsourcing in our company.

In fact, we are talking about a full-fledged division of the company, which is a separate legal entity. There is no need to create this group, you can simply hire it.

The main advantage of outsourcing is that it allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining the office and staff, because any employee and chief accountant should:

  • pay wages;
  • pay vacation;
  • provide a fully-fledged computerized workplace, furnished with furniture;
  • purchasing stationery for him.

All of these costs can be avoided if you transfer the management functions of accounting to our company that will cost several times cheaper.

Our advantages

  • full inclusion in the customer's business processes;
  • quality assurance of financial statements;
  • reputation care
  • guarantee the confidentiality of customer information
  • monitoring of legislative changes and timely response;
  • high professionalism and qualification of our specialists;
  • insurance of professional risks of our specialists;
  • long-term relationships with existing customers;
  • flexible pricing system guarantees the absence of imposed services;
  • Individual approach to every customer.

The experience of our employees is gained in solving complex accounting problems and constant access to all changes and technical innovations.

By entrusting your company to our outsourcing, you can forget about the difficulties of finding a qualified accountant and incurring numerous office expenses, which is so important during a crisis.

As part of accounting outsourcing, we professionally:

  • monthly we pay and pay salaries and contributions to the employees of the enterprise;
  • we conduct accounting;
  • prepare and hand over financial statements in electronic form;
  • pay bills of the company;
  • advise on accounting issues;
  • draw up documents for tax control authorities;
  • we provide support during inspections of control bodies;
  • analyze the status of accounting.

We provide comprehensive services for the full accounting support of the customer, as well as individual accounting services, both one-time and on an ongoing basis.

Separately, we specialize in comprehensive accounting services for catering organizations.

So that you think only about the taste of food for your guests, we will do a lot of boring but necessary work for you:

  • analyze draft contracts (so that there are no pitfalls in them and your interests are protected);
  • we will process the primary financial documentation (so that later there is no confusion in the documents);
  • we will provide the necessary documentation from the accounting base (commissioning acts, acts for write-off, incoming orders, etc.);
  • check mutual settlements with suppliers (so that the debit matches the credit);
  • calculate the salary, accrue taxes, prepare payment orders to pay taxes;
  • form and submit financial statements in time in the state. authorities and funds (to avoid fines);
  • we will make accounting and tax registers;
  • we carry out tax planning, as well as monitor its implementation;
  • We will advise the customer on financial issues and current legislation.

The cost of accounting support.

It is believed that qualified accounting services are very expensive. But if you compare the costs of a full-time accountant and outsourcing, you can come to the conclusion that often maintaining accounting is beneficial even for individual entrepreneurs and small enterprises.

We advise on any issues of outsourcing, give recommendations, help qualitatively and objectively assess the final cost of maintaining accounting support based on the nature of operations, personal wishes and requirements individually for each Client.



No more than 5 employees, additional employee 500 rubles / month (s / n - salary).

Accounting and taxes

Maintaining primary documentation of accounting and tax accounting (invoices, invoices, acts, invoice), preparation and submission of reports in electronic form to the tax office, preparation and submission of statistical reports.


The calculation and calculation of wages, benefits, the calculation of personal income tax and payments to extra-budgetary funds. Filing reports.

Personnel accounting

Formation of personnel documents, orders, time sheets, vacation schedule, advice on personnel matters.

Accounting consulting

Consultations by an accountant on the phone by boo. questions regarding activities.

Lawyer consulting

Legal advice online at law. questions regarding activities.

* Turnover (average monthly within the reporting quarter) - any receipts to the account and to the cashier, including loans, dividends and other receipts to the accounts and to the cashier.

** The tariff "Start mini" applies to individual entrepreneurs without employees. Legal advice is not provided.

*** The "Start" tariff applies to the LLC (without employees, except for the general director of the LLC). Legal advice is not provided.


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