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When all negotiations ended in nothing, and the pre-trial claim by the counterparty was ignored, the time comes for people in strict suits and polished shoes. We are talking about our lawyers who are ready to guard the interests of our Clients in any court case that is to be considered in any court, including the Arbitration Court.

SinoRuss lawyers are ready to accompany the case on a full cycle

  • The emergence of a controversial situation.
  • Formation of a claim or response to it.
  • Electronic correspondence with the counterparty.
  • Telephone calls.
  • Real meetings to discuss sensitive issues.
  • Developing a strategy of behavior with the counterparty in the framework of the dispute.
  • Tactical steps and planning rounds of negotiations.
  • Pre-trial claim.
  • Case management in court.
  • Executive production.

We can also conduct a problem case at certain stages that our Client chooses himself. However, we want to note that the integrated management of the case by specialists of one company always has a productive effect on the final result.
We do everything professionally and with strict observance of the confidentiality of our Client's data, as well as subject to non-disclosure of any information that will become known to us during the conduct of the case.

Of the above stages, the most problematic in Russia at the moment is enforcement proceedings. If the counterparty ceases to fulfill obligations under its contracts, then, most likely, he has problems with the availability of funds in the accounts.

We take into account this nuance in our work and are ready in case of impossibility to collect funds from the debtor to initiate the bankruptcy procedure of our Client’s counterparty. Very often, a declaration of recognition of a person as insolvent acts on him as a cold shower and has a positive result on debt collection.

Doctors need test results, and lawyers need documents. In principle, we do not advise Clients without providing documents on this issue, as we believe that the consultation should be capacious and finally shape the Client's opinion on the further development of the situation and the prospects for the case.

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