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Legal services with a notary

"SINORUSS" LLC offers you the solution of legal issues, support of your business in cooperation with a notary.

A notary is an independent person who helps businesses and ordinary citizens to make legal secure transactions.

A business transaction is often a complex procedure in which you need to think not only about the possibility of direct damage, but also about the associated risks. Notaries help entrepreneurs protect themselves from additional complications: they protect the rights and interests of company owners, interact with tax authorities, guarantee the safety of important documents, and much more.

In some cases, the notarized form of transactions is required.

- Notarization of powers of attorney. Only a notary has the right to certify a power of attorney, making it a legally significant document. Notarization may be refused if the specialist has doubts about the authenticity of the content of the document, the honesty of the intentions of the principal or authorized representative.

- Notarization of copies of documents. It confirms that the copy corresponds to the original, it does not contain corrections or additions.

- Transfer of documents to individuals or legal entities. They can be transferred both by registered mail with notification of the addressee, and personally with a notary. The applicant may receive confirmation of the transfer of documentation.

- Making an executive inscription. This procedure is necessary when collecting debts without going to court. A simplified procedure will allow you to receive the required amount in a shorter time.

- Notarization of transactions of purchase and sale of shares of the authorized capital of the organization. If you want to sell or buy a share in an LLC, then the Agreement on the alienation of a share in the authorized capital of a limited liability company is subject to notarization by drawing up one document signed by the parties. When certifying the share purchase and sale agreement, the notary verifies the fact of payment of the share in full when creating the company or increasing the authorized capital, as well as the seller’s authority to dispose of this share, requesting from the company’s participant the documents on the basis of which the latter acquired the share in the authorized capital, as well as requesting from the registering authority an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in electronic form containing information about the participant's ownership of a share in the authorized capital and received by the notary on the day the transaction is certified.

- Applications for the withdrawal of a participant from the LLC and requirements for the redemption of a share. A participant in a company has the right to withdraw from the company by alienating a share to the company, regardless of the consent of its other participants or the company, if this is provided for by the charter of the company. The application of a member of the company on withdrawal from the company must be notarized in accordance with the rules provided for by the legislation on notaries for notarization transactions.

- An offer to sell a share to a third party, as well as decisions of the general meeting of LLC participants related to an increase in the company's authorized capital.

- Notarization of agreements on the provision of an option to conclude an agreement on the alienation of a share in an LLC. An option, in fact, is a notarized irrevocable offer that allows the option holder to purchase a share at any time without involving the person who issued the option for this.

- Registration of legal entities.

- Protests of unaccepted and unpaid bills of exchange. They are transferred by the holder to the notary, the customer receives a receipt. After that, the bill will be transferred to the debtor, payment must be made on it in a short time.

- Registration of sea protests. They are necessary if the cargo was damaged during transportation by sea due to the fault of the shipowner. The protest will allow you to present property claims and quickly receive compensation.

In addition, the notary provides: protection of the rights and legitimate interests of owners, resolving issues with the registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, out-of-court recovery of debts through a notary’s executive inscription, providing evidence of offenses in real life and online, an inheritance fund as a way to save a business after the owner’s death, resolving disputes issues through a mediated agreement.

To provide comprehensive services to clients and better work on complex projects, our company actively cooperates with the notary Kvitko F.A. The notary is located in Moscow at the address: Strastnoy Boulevard, 8A.

For clients who conclude an agreement with us, we provide additional opportunities when working with a notary:

- You are assigned a personal assistant with whom you are constantly in touch by phone and e-mail;

- We will prepare a package of documents in accordance with the norms of the current legislation;

- You can coordinate draft agreements and documents in advance remotely and come to the notary at a pre-agreed time;

- In case when the performance of a notarial act is associated with negotiations (conclusion of an agreement, holding a general meeting of participants in an LLC, etc.), we provide our negotiating audience for this in our office in Moscow City free of charge;

We are ready to act as an expert in various practices of your company, which will allow us to provide an integrated comprehensive approach to achieve the best result in resolving your issue.

We perform all types of legal actions in accordance with the requirements of the law. These services are provided by experienced professionals who know the nuances of modern civil law. Competent employees will help defend interests in disputable situations and sort out complicated issues.

If you want to clarify the cost of services or terms of cooperation, please contact us by phone.

We look forward to receiving your request today!

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