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Highly qualified specialists

Registration of the invitation and work permit for highly qualified specialists (HQS)


Who is a highly qualified specialist

  • A foreign citizen who has experience, skills or achievements in a particular area of ​​activity.
  • The conditions for attracting him to work in the Russian Federation imply his income, as a general rule, not less than 167,000 rubles per one calendar month.
  • A work permit may be issued together with the right to work.
  • The maximum period of such a Permission is THREE years, but with the opportunity to work in several regions of the Russian Federation.

When applying for a job in Russian companies, a highly qualified specialist has significant advantages compared to ordinary employees. These privileges are established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

What are the advantages

  • Do not need permission to attract and use foreign labor, if the foreign citizen is a highly qualified specialist (details below).
  • The quotas for issuing work permits are not taken into account when registering video conferencing.
  • The members of the HQS family and he himself can register for migration within 90 days from the date of entry into the Russian Federation.
  • They may not get up for migration registration within 30 days after migration registration during movements within the Russian Federation.
  • 0.02% in the FSS tax for the Employer. Incomes of HQS at work are taxed at 13%.
  • A residence permit in a simplified mode for the HQS and his family for the duration of the work permit;
  • Several regions of Russia are available to work HQS.
  • Fewer documents for registration HQS.
  • Only 14 working days for processing permits and invitations for a work visa of the HQS.
  • A multiple-entry work visa for HQS at once is issued for the duration of the work permit (up to 3 years), and not as if an ordinary visa is issued through a single entry visa.
  • The extension of the work permit HQS is possible without leaving the Russian Federation, as well as the validity of a multiple-entry work visa and the visa of accompanying family members.

Who can use the procedure of registration HQS

  • Russian commercial organizations;
  • Russian scientific organizations and institutions of vocational education and health;
  • organizations engaged in scientific, technological and innovation activity, experimental development, testing, personnel training accredited in the Russian Federation;
  • branches of foreign legal entities accredited in the Russian Federation;
  • organizations that have not been subjected to administrative punishment for 2 years prior to the day of filing the petition for unlawfully attracting foreign citizens or stateless persons to work in the Russian Federation, and also did not have, at the time of filing such petition, unenforced orders imposing an administrative punishment for administrative offenses.

Profitable solution

Attracting foreign nationals as Highly Skilled Professionals (HQS) is a profitable solution. To do this, you must clearly know the bureaucratic procedures. When self-registration of the HQS, you also need to be prepared for a very large amount of time and material costs, which, knowing the immigration laws and the working procedures of federal services, can be significantly optimized. That is why we suggest contacting professionals - experienced SinoRuss specialists.

Service cost

The cost of services for the design of invitations and work permits for highly qualified specialists is: 90000₽.

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