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Work Permit

How to issue a work permit for foreign workers

Russia is one of the most loyal countries in attracting foreign labor. It does not matter Russian or foreign companies are engaged in such attraction. This is a general trend for the whole country. Here they appreciate foreign specialists with unique knowledge and experience.

When hiring a foreign citizen, the employer should comply with a number of mandatory requirements enshrined in the law so that the employee’s work is comfortable and is completely within the legal field. With proper registration for the work of a foreign citizen, the company gets an obvious advantage over competitors who neglect this procedure and risk to be in the field of attention of supervisory authorities.

Our company is aware of all the nuances of obtaining this permit and is open to sharing its experience and knowledge with our customers, as well as to provide full assistance in obtaining a permit.

We are not afraid that someone will take advantage of our knowledge. Without high competence knowledge, like a machine without fuel.

When permission is not required

Obtaining permission to attract and use foreign labor is not required only in two cases, if a foreign citizen:

  • From a country with which Russia has established a visa-free entry regime for the purpose of employment;
  • She is a highly qualified specialist (details below).

Read everything with the filing of an application for labor requirements (applications for quota).

When applying for permission

The application for the next calendar year must be submitted before May 1 of the current year. When you receive a quota, you can begin the process of attracting a foreign worker.

 What should be done

  • Post information about existing vacancies (vacancies) in the Employment Center no later than one month before contacting the Federal Migration Service (FMS).
  • Conduct interviews with the proposed candidates, if the Employment Center offers Russian citizens for a vacancy (which happens infrequently). This is necessary to confirm the absence of suitable candidates among Russian citizens.
  • Submit to the FMS an application for a permit to attract and use foreign labor, but not immediately, but one month after the submission of documents to the Center.

Further, there is a mandatory procedure that will be initiated by a government agency only after the Employer has completed the previous steps correctly.


After registering the documents, the FMS sends a request to the employment service. This request contains the requirement to provide information on the availability of the application of the Employer in the job base.

If the vacancy is confirmed and there are no other grounds for refusal to the Employer, the Employment Service will send a response to the request. This answer is the conclusion about the advisability of attracting a foreign worker. Based on this conclusion, the FMS will issue PIRS.

The deadline for issuing a permit is 30 days

We continue the quest.

So, the work permit is there. Now a foreign citizen applies to the FMS for his receipt. To do this, you must confirm:

  • Russian language proficiency;
  • knowledge of the history of Russia;
  • basic knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • submit original medical certificates.

This is confirmed by the absence of diseases that are dangerous to others.

Important! The presence of such diseases is grounds for refusing a permit.

Only the precise implementation of the procedures provided for by Russian laws, provided by professional lawyers, will facilitate the obtaining of a Permit in the shortest possible time.

Sinoruss offers our assistance in obtaining clearance Permits for your organization.

Service cost

The cost of services for registration of permits for the recruitment and use of foreign workers (PIRS) and obtaining a work permit is: 85 000₽

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