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Services For Registration of Trademarks in Russia

A trademark (service mark, trademark, trademark, brand, logo) is a designation used to individualize the goods and services of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs.


Types of trademarks

  • Verbal notation (words, phrases and sentences)
  • Company slogan / slogan
  • Pictorial designations (images)
  • Combined designations (combinations of elements of different nature, figurative, verbal, three-dimensional, etc.)
  • Volumetric symbols (three-dimensional objects, shapes and combinations of lines, shapes)
  • Other designations (sound, light, etc.)

According to the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS), absolutely all goods and services are divided into 45 classes http://www.mktu.info/intro/

List of documents for registration of a trademark

  • Company name of the organization and OGRN;
  • statistics codes;
  • image of the trademark in its original form (format JPG);
  • a list of activities and goods for which the trademark is registered;
  • surname, name, patronymic and position of the head;

Advice from an expert!

In the development of trademarks and logos should be guided by the following principles:

  • It is desirable that the trademark contains a hint of the use of your products and evoke positive associations and emotions;
  • the trademark must be unique, clearly different from other trade brands;
  • the trademark must not be ambiguously interpreted in other languages ​​and countries;
  • the trademark should be fairly short and easy to pronounce;
  • a trademark must carry certain qualities of the goods, but not directly indicating the type of goods or services.
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