"Turning East"

The program for building a comprehensive strategy for interaction with China

Five years Russian authorities have been talking about Russia's turn to the East. But in reality, only a few regions and cities received investments from China. Why is that?

Would you invest in Sichuan? Maybe in the city of Yantai? It is unlikely in case you have heard nothing about them. This is exactly the same problem - lack of information. We suggest finally starting to work with China.

And we are here to help:

  • we will find for you Chinese investors;
  • we will attract the attention of the Chinese media;
  • we will build an algorithm for working with China.

Our advantage

  • Full cycle

We do not just deal with individual "features." We analyze the entire region / territory, determine the strengths and weaknesses, understand how and due to what we can advance in establishing work with China, prepare a strategy;

  • Attention to details

Adaptation of major projects / sites / materials to Chinese. Moreover, we do this exclusively with the participation of native speakers, so we don’t have to blush later, unlike, by the way, from 95% of cases (see, for example, a site for attracting investments to the Nizhny Novgorod region). We single out infrastructure facilities, projects in the 2-3 most attractive sectors;

  • Direct contact

We directly contact the PRC authorities, industry associations, and the largest companies. We are launching a series of publications in the media. We agree on mutual visits, and together with the parties we work out specific KPIs in advance. We go to China with your delegation only in case there is a concrete interest in what you present;

  • Field tests

We go to the region and conduct tests of interaction between authorities and Chinese partners. If necessary, we conduct a course for senior management and top managers on the intricacies of working with China.

Collaboration is always built on details. Not so prepared materials, poorly negotiated, did not know specifics about the partner. With us, you will be able to start cooperation with China.

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