What is the location of a legal entity?

Companies are obliged to use reliable addresses in their constituent documents: this way communication with state bodies, contractors and other persons is provided.

Fraudulent use of court (judicial) orders

Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of fraudsters illegally withdrawing money


It is not a secret for anyone that today the oil and gas industry is actively developing, and energy trade between countries is actively gaining momentum


The world of logistics and transport will play for you in a new way if you visit the annual exhibition TRANS_RUSSIA

Mining World Russia

Mining World Expo is the most representative in terms of participants and visitors international exhibition

A post on the Marking

The marking epic began in 2019 and by 2024 there should not be a single unmarked type of goods in Russia

Carry forward with our new clients!

We are pleased to announce that we signed a contract between NEO-SAFETRANS EXPRESS

Participation in the Canton Fair

We have reached a new level. Congratulations are accepted!

MFA is authorized to state

We have reached a new level. Congratulations are accepted!

Audit does not hurt

Experts recommend taking an audit every day for a week or two before reporting or before a tax audit.

Legal support of the transaction

Legal support of the transaction between NIK LLC and the Guangxi Investment Company.

Participation in the exhibition in Paris Intermat Paris

Being among the best players in the market means not only the continuous improvement of skills and abilities, but also the improvement of the skills of the team.

Full Company Support

It is very nice when we are trusted to start a business from scratch. After all, what will be the start of the company, the same will be continued.

Accompanying Ningxia Shenma

During 2013-2014, SinoRuss accompanied the Chinese company Ningxia Shenma in its activities on the Russian market.

Participation in the Mobile World Congress

How we love our work! The exhibition and even in Barcelona is the ultimate dream!

Maintenance of foreign exchange contracts

Often we hear that currency control is excessively strengthened and they do not even give a sigh.

About ICO

We not only know how to build a business from scratch, organize and set up accounting. We also understand ICO.

To the New Quality of Bilateral Relations

We already told you how we love China, no? So, we believe that it is impossible not to love China, and since SinoRuss actively assists Chinese business in Russia and domestic in

Participation in Parliamentary Hearings in the State Duma

Only knowledge of current laws and other regulatory acts of the state makes a lawyer a professional. You should not forget about the old versions of the acts either, because not

Cryptocurrency Regulation In China

Each state has its own path in everything. In foreign, domestic policy, in the economy.

Services for the Ltd. "TechService Trade"

 Do you know so much about metallurgical equipment, membrane elements for water purification and universal spray paint, how many our customers know?

Services for the NEPTUNE - Logistics

No matter how the world changes, we remain true to our principles - Make a person happy, help society (NEPTUNE - logistics).

Services of the International Company MRF

From point A to point B. It would seem like the simplest geometric problem, but no. If this task for the movement of goods is combined with the intersection of a set of borders

Membership in the Chamber of Tax Consultants

Agree, PNK does not sound very serious. It is very similar to DNA and somehow reminds too much medicine

Services for the Taifu Company

Our company has become a company with 28 years of experience in the production of pumps.

Barcelona Mobile World Congress

Let's be honest with you - it was something incredible!

International Conference

More than 15 years ago, a bilateral Treaty on Neighborhood, Friendship and Cooperation between Russia and China was concluded.

From Russia with Plumber

Chocolate, cream, crème Brule, ice cream - this list is endless. We really hope that it is infinitely our Russian ice cream that will indulge Chinese sweet teeth.

Coward Doesn't Play Hockey In China

China is not only a variety of types of martial arts, it is also hockey. Yes, imagine. We, in SinoRuss, try to “be on the sport” and, in turn

Legal Services for the OSell Company

OSell is one of the leading international e-commerce platforms in the B2B segment.

Reliable Water Barrier

To ensure that the apartment or house does not turn into scenery for the Titanic film, it is necessary to use only reliable cranes that will stand in the way of high-pressure ta

Range Rover And It All Said

Car legend, car prestige. English aristocrat with unprecedented power under the hood

Brad Pete and I have the same motorcycles

Do you know about our legendary motorcycles, which are assembled at the recently revived Irbit plant? Super-powerful motorcycles Ural - all-terrain vehicles, retro mastodons of

Where there is oil, there is money

The oil business likes accuracy, for this very reason our company provided legal services to BEIJING DONGSHUN BOWANG PETRO-MACHINERY CO.LTD.

Participation in the Info-forum

The first event - the All-Russian Conference "Information Security of Russia in the Global Information Society" was held on February 5, 2001.

Stability is Mastery

Since 2013, the creators of incredibly beautiful and high-tech monsters trust us. We are talking about SANY.

TASS Not Authorized to State

We apologize in advance for a small amount of mystery. We would be happy to tell you more

Orenburg Downy Shawl

The inconceivable number of fakes on this legendary Russian shawl caused the company Orenburg Shawl to contact us for registration of the appellation of origin of goods Orenburg

How to fly in China?

We will not answer you about all at once, but now we know for sure that part of the flights in China are carried out on the aircraft of the domestic company Giroplan-RUS.

Airshow MAX. Have fun very cool!

To be noted on such a large-scale and spectacular event is a non-trivial event both for a person and for a company. SinoRuss does not just take selfies and uploads cool photos t

Where does export start?

Where does the export start? Only with government support.

Watchdata services

Watchdata Technologies has been looking after our data for a long time, but not in order to use it, but quite the contrary, so that others will not use it.

Услуги компании Yuda

Бухгалтерские и юридические услуги  открытие компании. Не считай чужие деньги – говорит фольклор. Ну, вот ещё!

Регулирование криптовалют в России

Свобода криптовалют тяжело сочетается с государственным регулированием. Подробно поговорили об этом с изданием 1prim

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