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Accreditation of IT Companies

Who needs it and why?

IT companies store, create conditions for the operation of electronic computers and electronic databases, as well as the processing of their modifications.

In Russia, your IT company can get a lot of preferential working conditions, that will help accelerate business development, increase profits and quickly find clients and partners.

Your business can get benefits if it operates in the scope and…

  • Creates software products for computers and various electronic databases.
  • Sells and distributes software products for computers and various electronic databases through electronic media or via the Internet.
  • It transfers property rights to the use of programs and electronic databases.
  • Tests and installs software for various industries.
  • Modifies software and electronic databases, as well as any informational electronic products.

For those who are engaged in IT-technologies, the best rates for the insurance premium for employees.

  1. Reduced insurance premium rates

Truth is learned by comparison. Let's compare rates for IT entrepreneurs and other companies.

Tax contributions on wages:


IT company 

Other company




The benefit is more than double.


Взнос в ФСС

IT company

Other company



Взнос в ФОМС

IT company

Other company




The difference is also present and it is very significant.

  1. Other depreciation procedure

IT companies do not apply the depreciation procedure established by Article 259 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation in relation to electronic computing equipment, but include the cost of its acquisition in full amount to the structure of material costs immediately after commissioning.

  1. A simple procedure for attracting highly qualified foreign specialists

to attract an IT company of highly qualified specialists from among foreign citizens DO NOT need permission to attract and use foreign workers. An IT company, independently, evaluates the competence and skill level of foreign citizens.

The main conditions for obtaining benefits

  1. Profit.

According to the results of the reporting year, your company should bring income from IT-technologies, equal to at least 90% of all profits.

Are you a beginner entrepreneur? Fine! You can also claim benefits, but 90% of the income for the reporting period (3, 6 or 9 months) should have an IT source. The billing period is a year, and the reporting period is the time of the report to the FIU, the FSS and the MHIF.

Important! When calculating from the total profit, deduct the difference from the sale of the currency.

  1. Employees.

The average number of employees for the settlement (reporting) period is at least seven people;

  1. Accreditation.

Obtaining a document on state accreditation of an organization operating in the field of information technology in the manner established by the Government of the Russian Federation;

SinoRuss provides full assistance in obtaining state accreditation for your company.

Service cost

The service for inclusion in the Register of accredited organizations operating in the scope of IT is only: 10000₽

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