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Remote office

Russia is a truly large market for Chinese goods. In some categories, such as cars and electronics, the share of Chinese supplies can reach 70% of the total sales. Someone who are just planning to enter Russia may worry about finding reliable Russian distributors or feeling uncertain about the demand for their products in Russia. Such companies will be particularly interested in our new service offered - a remote “virtual” office in Moscow.

What does it mean?

When establishing a remote office in Russia, you get a full package of service, including:

  1. search and selection of distributors;
  2. reliability verification;
  3. contract documentation coordination;
  4. contracts signing control;
  5. quality control;
  6. goods delivery control;
  7. much more.

    In addition, our specialists conduct marketing research, analyze the activities of the segment in which your business operates, provide consulting support and provide legal protection. The remote office works without your direct presence, while you receive reports and all the necessary information, being in your country without the need for a personal permanent presence in Russia and the CIS countries.


  1. Risks reduction. You will not have to spend significant sums of money on building relationships with distributors from Russia / direct participation in exhibitions / market research.
  2. Process acceleration. We have over 10 years of experience, so we can quickly assess the prospects of the project and find the best partners.
  3. Team strengthening. You will not have to form a management team with knowledge of the Russian market from scratch, since our specialists are always ready to help you during the testing phase of the product, and then organically form your own team if the business takes off.
  4. Getting rid of a headache. Everything is included from the first agreements to shipments. You do not have to wrestle with building a strategy of market entrance - we will do it for you.

Why Sinoruss:

  • More than 10 years of market experience;
  • Successful case studies for entering Russia’s market in various industries, including WatchData;
  • Multilingual team (Russian, Chinese, English);
  • A wide range of competencies (finance, law, marketing, IT);
  • Interest in success. The main part of our payment is made in the form of % of successfully completed transactions.


The cost of the “remote office” service is calculated for each client individually. The pricing policy of the company remains flexible, which helps both sides to develop gradually of contracts both with small entrepreneurs who are just beginning their cooperation with Russia and the CIS countries, as well as with large market participants who aim to increase profits through profitable business contracts with Russian companies. distributors. The main part of the payment is made in the form of % of successfully completed transactions.

This is worth considering:

Choosing this service, you will have a real opportunity to expand the geography of your business and increase your profits without serious investments. You do not have to spend extra money on business trips to Russia and the CIS countries to solve working moments. You can also entrust us with finding reliable partners and building relationships with them. As a result, you will optimize risks, and save money and time.

If you have any questions, check our website sinoruss.com and feel free to ask any questions. Our experts will advise you for free!

We are ready to discuss all technical issues.

With respect,

COO, Surana Radnaeva

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