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What is an audit in Russia

In Russia, auditing refers to the activity of auditing financial (accounting) statements and accounting data. Most often, the term audit is used in relation to the verification of the accounting statements of organizations in order to express an opinion on its authenticity.

Audit as a comprehensive survey

For us, Audit is akin to a complex examination of the body for disorders and diseases. The word itself is translated from Latin as audit - it listens, but in the case of an audit it is necessary not only to listen, to also look, read, count and thoroughly check all indicators, as the doctor does in various medical studies.

Why audit is so important

Not only the viability of the organism - the company in a particular situation, but also its further existence - depends on all audit indicators, as well as medical research. After all, for the body - the business there are many threats, both external and internal.

Audit as prevention and treatment of business

We do not just provide monitoring and research of financial indicators, but also provide comprehensive treatment of the business according to the results of the audit, which is directed not at one-time troubleshooting - the symptoms of business instability, but at the total protection of the business from external and internal threats.

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