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Accounting Recovery

You can endlessly look at three things - fire, a working person and the restoration of accounting. You can immerse yourself in Nirvana by observing an accountant burning while he is working, who is trying to recover his accounting documents.

Accounting is a mandatory, continuous process for all enterprises and organizations.

From the moment a legal entity is registered and until liquidation or reorganization, all transactions must be continuously recorded in the accounting records, confirmed by all necessary documents and be registered during all stages.

Life often gives us situations in which a breach of the continuity of accounting in connection with various force majeure situations is possible:

  • frequent change of accountant;
  • hospital accountants;
  • breaks in activities;
  • transfers, etc.

In short, the difficulties that require such an operation as the restoration of accounting (full restoration of the company's accounting).

If there is a mistake in accounting, it will be followed by the need to redo the documents, which can be a great deal of work, because it is not just a correction of one error, but the correction of all related documents in subsequent periods looks like a snowball rushing from the mountain directly to you.

Accounting recovery is necessary when

  • the absence over several reporting periods of keeping registers of accounting and tax accounting;
  • total or partial absence of tax or accounting in the organization;
  • identifying errors in tax reporting;
  • detection of violations in the organization of accounting;
  • loss of accounting registers and primary documentation.

The main task of the restoration of accounting

  • Accounting structuring;
  • Bringing documents into full compliance with the law;
  • Delivery of missing or corrected statements;
  • Accrual and payment of taxes;
  • Successful completion of a tax audit;
  • Receiving a positive opinion of the auditors;
  • Prevent the seizure of bank accounts.

We are willing to share our professional knowledge with each visitor of our site and we will try to briefly describe the procedure for the restoration of accounting, which we repeatedly conducted to our clients during the initial treatment.

The initial stage of the restoration of accounting is an analysis of the state of accounting and tax accounting. It is necessary to determine the scope of work and carefully plan everything.

Further, it is necessary to make the initial processing of the accounting documentation available in the organization and identification of the missing documents.

Then comes the immediate restoration of the necessary documentation, the absence of which was discovered during the first and second phases of work.

After that, the accounting and reporting registers of the organization are formed.

Then you need to make accurate financial statements and only after that you can proceed to the calculation of the necessary tax payments.

The final stage is to draw up and, if necessary, submit the completed tax returns to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate and the corresponding Funds.

Any company in the course of its activities is not insured against loss of financial statements and the occurrence of force majeure situations resulting in errors, etc. It is in such situations that we are ready to help with the restoration of accounting.

How much is it ?

The exact cost of the restoration of accounting depends directly on the state of the organization’s documentation at the time of contacting our company and for what period it is necessary to carry out the restoration.

You can specify the cost of the service and arrange a meeting by calling us at: 84950082576 or write to: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.

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