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Import Export

Trade in the modern world has long been not just a means of making a profit. Large transnational corporations influence not only the trade balance of states, but also political and economic relations.

Not every business will be able to reach such heights, but when the production country becomes crowded from competitors or the sales markets for goods are on the contrary behind customs cordons, specialists who know all the intricacies of export, import and re-export / import of goods come to the rescue.

SinoRuss, better than any customs broker, will be able to import and export any goods that are subject to free circulation of civilians, because we:

 comprehensively provide export / import support services

This means that in addition to the import and export, we are ready to document your cargo to the counter or warehouse, providing accounting services to the company.

Due to the integrated approach we:

cheaper and better than many we do what they can do and forget about you the next day

Deeds - the best confirmation of words.

We are trusted by such giants of the market as the Chinese Mengniu Group. SinoRuss seamlessly imported goods to the order of Mengniu Corporation, which in 2018 became the official global sponsor of the World Cup.

A thorough knowledge of customs legislation and the ability to quickly receive information allow SinoRuss not only to raise services for the export / import of goods to a new level, but also to keep it, as well as constantly improve it.


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